Check This Out: On My Block

What? On My Block

Where? Netflix

When? All 3 seasons are available for streaming now

Why? Whether you are a loyal follower of the series, like me, or are just hearing of this show, On My Block is a great source of entertainment during this time stuck inside. It details the lives of four childhood best friends as they navigate the world of high school, relationships, and the reality of living in rough inner-city Los Angeles. The audience goes on a rollercoaster ride of emotions right along with the characters, as amazingly portrayed by several young, up-and-coming actors. 

Just starting the first episode of Season 3, I’ve become obsessed once again and can’t wait to keep watching. Therefore, I’d highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a great plot with lots of action and the essential mystery-solving aspect of any great teen comedy-drama. Have fun binge-watching!