Check This Out: Criminal Minds


What: Criminal Minds

Where: Netflix and CBS

When: All episodes are available to stream on Netflix.

Why: Criminal Minds is a scripted crime show that airs on CBS and Netflix. Some of the episodes were based on real crimes that have happened in the nation. The show involves an elite team of members of the BAU who work alongside the FBI. The majority of the crimes are twisted and each of the members of the team have different strengths. The show is one of the longest running scripted television shows in America and the final season ended last week. Some of the locations the crimes take place are familiar to us such as Leesburg and Ashburn, which are mentioned in the earlier seasons since the show is based in Quantico, Virginia. Each show displays completely different crimes, the members of the Bureau are at times placed in life threatening situations and I highly recommend Criminal Minds if you’re looking for a great crime show.