Winter Spirit Week

Winter break is right around the corner and along with it another exciting spirit week for Dominion students. The spirit days that were decided by SCA, give students the opportunity to dress for the specific theme each day to express their excitement for the holiday season and winter break. SCA President Katelyn Newell said, “It makes our Titan community feel like a smaller family and it’s really fun.”

Winter spirit week is December 16th to 20th, with a large pep rally on the Thursday before break. This year’s winter spirit week consists of Monday being PJ day, Tuesday’s theme will be a student’s decision between dressing as preppy or country, Wednesday will be twin day,  Thursday will be blizzard out where students will wear all white, and lastly Friday will be holiday out. The week will also consist of three mini pep rallies on Monday through Wednesday, that will occur at the end of the first block, as well as a large one on Thursday.  

The first day of the spirit week, Monday, will be PJ day. Students have the opportunity to come to school in their most festive pajamas. Nick Barenz, the spirit chair for the SCA, said, “In order to get into the mini pep rallies, you must be dressed up in the theme of the day.”

The following days will be a combination of flannel clothes with cowboy hats or dress to impress. Students will have the option to dress “country” with flannel clothes and cowboy hats or have the opportunity to dress up for “preppy.” There will also be another mini pep rally on this spirit day as well.

Wednesday will be Twin day. Students will be able to dress up in the same clothes as their friends to give the appearance that they are twins. And in order to attend the mini pep rally, the students must dress up the same as another person. 

With the theme for Thursdays spirit day, students will wear as much white as they can to resemble a blizzard. This is for the Dominion basketball games that night, the theme of the game is White Out. Both the girls and boys varsity basketball teams are playing Potomac Falls at home. The girls game starts at 5:45 and the boys at 7:15. 

This is also the day for the major pep rally of the week. The pep rally is also on Thursday instead of Friday because “there is a fine arts assembly on Friday. Also we wanted to get everyone hyped for the basketball game that night,” said Katelyn Newell.

On the last day of the week and the day before winter break, students can dress up in their favorite holiday clothes. Students are being encouraged to dress in their favorite holiday gear to boost excitement for the upcoming winter break and the holidays.


*Edit: As of December 17th, SCA announced that no mini-pep rallies would take place during spirit week. A big pep rally will still take place on Thursday, December 19th as originally scheduled.