Trunk or Treat: Bringing the Community Together


Courtesy of JOI Club

Dominion clubs decorate trunks and hand out candy to kids in the community.

On October 28, Dominion hosted their 2nd ever “Trunk-or-Treat”, a Halloween themed event that allows elementary school students from local schools to come to Dominion and trick-or-treat safely in the Dominion parking lot. Dominion clubs set up cars with open trunks, hand out candy, and play games with elementary school students who attend. The purpose of the event is to bring the community together and create a safe and fun way for young students to trick-or-treat.  

“Trunk-or-Treat” took place in the teacher lot where multiple clubs set up cars with open trunk for kids to receive their candy from. The club members host different games and activities to engage the kids and their parents. The event is not only beneficial to the elementary school student, but Titans as well.  Courtney Green, who is a member of the Junior Optimist International (JOI) club, said, “ It really opens up JOI club, which is a volunteering club here at Dominion,” she continued, “I think it is a great way for everyone to bond and get to know each other in the community.” 

Mr. Chuba was the organizer and sponsor of “Trunk-or-Treat” for the past two years said, “What we do is encourage different clubs, activities, and sports teams to participate by parking a car, decorating it, and passing out candy. Staff members brought their own kids or grandkids, and it was really nice to see all the support.”

“I think this is a beneficial community activity because it shows how Dominion is giving back to younger students in the community,” said Ellie Newman, another participant of the event. Another aspect of the event that is enjoyable to the students is decorations and setting up. “We set up our trunks and decorate them with Halloween decorations such as spiderwebs and gravestones, it’s super spooky” Newman said. Ellie believes that “Trunk-or-Treat” is a “heart-warming” activity that has great potential and should be continued in the future. 

The event has been hosted by Dominion for the past two years, however, this year was the first year that was advertised with flyers and other forms of advertisement. “Last year we had pretty much “word-of-mouth” advertising, it wasn’t very formal,” Chuba said, “Our crowd size was pretty good and the weather cooperated, so we think that everyone had a good time.” Chuba hopes that this event continues in the future, and becomes more successful with time.