What You Missed: Week of October 28th


A look back at the week that was in the news and highlighting what students need to know

Two fast-moving wildfires explode in Southern California

As wildfire season heats up in California, many acres have burned across California. The powerful winds from Santa Ana are powering these fires to spread. This issue draws back to the climate change issues, as the average temperature has climbed over two degrees since the 1970’s and will continue to do so: making these fires worse and more frequent. 



Federal Judge blocks Alabama’s near-total abortion law

As states across the country have been proposing restrictive laws on women’s reproductive rights, a federal judge in Alabama was able to stop one from passing as it goes through the court system. Essentially a completely restrictive abortion ban, this law was supposed to go into effect next month, before Judge Thompson blocked this and all laws passed on the subject earlier this year. However, resistance is being offered by Alabama lawmakers who aim to send an appeal to the Supreme Court and ultimately argue for Roe v. Wade to be overturned. 



Baghdadi’s death: More details emerge from US raid

The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in a US raid on October 26. However, controversy appeared this week concerning the lack of informing Congress about the raid before it occurred, as well as the validity of Trump’s description of the incident; this includes inappropriate comments on the deceased man and how it occurred. 



The seventh inning that shocked Houston and made the Nationals World Series champions

For the first time in franchise history, the Washington Nationals won the World Series against the Houston Astros on Wednesday, October 30. The Nats’ scores later in the game earned them a lead of six to two without any time to catch up for the Astros, starting with Howie Kendrick’s two-run home run. Ultimately, they “stayed in the fight” and won on Houston’s turf.