Check This Out: Jane the Virgin

This weeks pick to check out is former CW show Jane the Virgin.

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This week’s pick to check out is former CW show Jane the Virgin.

What – Jane The Virgin

Where – Netflix 

Why – This show is a five season comedy/drama on the struggles of relationships heading towards adulthood, while simultaneously incorporating the romantic twists and turns of a telenovela. Jane, played by Gina Rodriguez, is a young woman battling the societal expectations of her – getting a successful job, having a family, and keeping relationships smooth. After a friend’s glowing recommendation for this new show on Netflix, I decided to try it out. Watching the first episode I loved the dramatization of the plot and the extremely dynamic characters, the actors portraying their roles flawlessly. 

I personally love the way this show brings to light issues not talked about in the media, and the way it leaves you wanting more after each episode. With that said, I’d like to emphasize that this show may only be interesting to certain audiences. The commonly used female perspective within this show makes it especially relatable for other girls, so it may be geared more towards a female audience. Reiterating the level of drama in this show is also important, because it remains a preference how people view situations as comedic. 

Overall, I’d recommend that you give this show a try. Jane the Virgin does amazing things with an amazing cast and offers a new perspective on romance in adulthood. It is definitely worthwhile to watch, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop.