Change in Leadership for SCA


This is the first time SCA is holding elections in a couple years.

Dominion’s Student Council Association [SCA] will be holding their annual elections during the last week of school. Monday through Wednesday  interviews of the candidates with DHS Press will air on the school announcements. The candidates who are running in opposed elections answered questions about why they should be elected. The candidates for all of the positions also made a thirty second to one minute video about why they should be elected. Students will vote for their favorite candidates on the Thursday of that week during all of the lunch shifts. Mr. Burns will announce the winners on Friday.

Evelyn Campos is running for Student Council President. Katelyn Newell is running for Student Council President. Yajat Dewan is running for Vice President of Communications. Mia Cvijanovic is running for Vice President of Communications.

Mr. Burns said of the elections, “For the last few years, the positions haven’t been contested. We [SCA] found that as soon as somebody runs for a position, everyone else would basically not run.” The election this year is the first time in a couple years in which positions are contested. The positions for President and the Vice President of Communications are currently contested.

Anyone in the leadership can run for any position in the SCA beside President. In order to run for SCA President, you had to take the leadership class for a year. Burns said,“Anyone can run, they have to get it approved through me and the administration. They have to get all of their teachers to write letters of recommendation. They also have to get a hundred signatures from students within the school.”

Junior Katelyn Newell, currently running for SCA President, said “I want to encourage students to come to all events at our school. I also want to make sure our class has better communication with the students, faculty, and community. Some of the ways to do this are by communicating with faculty and administration earlier so that students have enough time to know about events. Next year we will encourage people to go to the Truly Titan Team meetings and a member of SCA will attend each one. Lastly, I want to be approachable. I want people to feel like they can come to me to talk about issues and concerns.”

Junior, Evelyn Campos, is also running for the position of SCA President, said, “I have many project and events that I’m planning on bringing to Dominion. I want to help bring back school spirit not only with spirit days but with sports events and theater events and such. There’s a lot we [SCA] can do better and improve upon.”

Sophomore Mia Cvijanovic, running for Vice President of Communications, said, “I want to encourage people to share their ideas and opinions. I also want to conduct polls so the students can vote on things such as spirit weeks, and I hope that these changes could promote more school spirit at Dominion.”

She said the best way to communicate with the student body is through social media,“I definitely believe social media is the best way to communicate with the student body, since almost everyone has an account. It also allows me to keep the student body up to date on the school events that are happening.”

Sophomore Yajat Dewan, is also running for Vice President of Communications, said, “I want to increase awareness about school events and work and including the student body in the decision making process.”

Junior Nick Barenz is running for Spirit Chair. Junior Ellie Newman is running for Vice President of Community Service.