5 Questions with Mina Saljuki

Mina Saljuki, a junior on the Dominion Lacrosse team, discusses the first win of the season and goals for the rest of the season.

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5 Questions with Mina Saljuki

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The Dominion Varsity Girls lacrosse season just kicked off with their first game against Freedom High School. Dominion dominated Freedom, beating the Eagles 12-9. Junior, Mina Saljuki, was excited to share her teams success.


Q: How did the team work together in order to win?

A: We trusted each other and just played the way we knew how to.


Q: What were your personal goals for this specific game?

A: To come out with a win and to work together.


Q: How did it feel to win your first game of the season?

A: It felt amazing.


Q: How is the team planning on progressing and continuing to win?

A: Keep practicing, keep getting better and keep our heads in the game.


Q: What are your hopes for the season?

A: To win states.