Truly Titan Team Meets to Change Partnership Night

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On Wednesday, March 13 at 8 a.m., the Truly Titan Team, consisting of 14 staff members, one parent and one student, met to discuss ways to improve Partnership Night for the 2019-2020 school year.  The meeting didn’t result in a set solution for the topics, but significant progress was made on bettering the event discussed for the next school year.

The members of the committee met in small groups to discuss their ideas and then came together to bounce them off of each other and productively come to an unofficial solution.

One of the big issues discussed was that parents who should be attending the Partnership Night usually don’t.  The members in the meeting came to the conclusion that making the event on an invitation basis would make it seem more imperative that the parent goes with their child and holds a student led conference with the teacher.  This way, if you weren’t invited, you don’t have to go. However, if you still want to meet with your child’s teacher then you can schedule a conference with them during Partnership Night.

Another issue discussed is that some parents feel as if ParentVue and Naviance are hard to navigate.  The committee members decided that holding an orientation on Partnership Night for these resources and more would make it easier for parents throughout the school year to keep up with their child’s grades and assignments.   This would make the experience more inclusive, educational and worthwhile for parents.

The committee agreed that the best date for the revamped Partnership Night would be best served in early October. Previously, Partnership Night has been held the night of the first teacher workday at the end of the first quarter.

The meeting was wrapped up by identifying the two main purposes of Partnership Night, to target students who are really struggling and provide education on available resources to those who are interested.  Although there was not an official solution set to the problem today, the Truly Titan committee will meet next on May 1 and work towards a final answer.

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