This Week in Smash #7

(Footage from Ally vs. Venom @ Polybash 2019, courtesy of SSBMontreal)

Created by Michael Richardson

(Footage from Ally vs. Venom @ Polybash 2019, courtesy of SSBMontreal)

DA | “Venia” (Greninja) vs. DA l “Stretch” (Lucina) @ Deadly Alliance Gauntlet Biweekly #7, Grand Finals; 3/6/19:

Just a thoroughly-entertaining, head-to-head Grand Finals between two of Deadly Alliance’s own sponsored players, Venia and Stretch, this set watches like a demo reel for the capability of both Greninja and Lucina in high-level play.

“Chia” (R.O.B.) vs. “Moosh” (Simon Belmont) @ Codename: B-Airs #168, Winner’s Semis; VoD uploaded 3/5/19:

This set was an absolute scrap-fest; every match of this rather long set was a nail-biter, an inch-by-inch war of attrition. Both Moosh’s Belmont and Chia’s R.O.B. wall each other out big-time, which lead to matches where every inch taken felt like a mile, and every whiff-punish or read went the absolute distance.

This set is furthermore fascinating as it shows how every Top 48 tournament match can be as much a competition of skill, as it is one of patience and mental fortitude.

“Ally” (Snake) vs “Venom” (Ken, Ridley) @ Polybash 2019: Montreal Annual Regional, Grand Finals; 3/2/19 (Uploaded 3/3/19):

! Must Watch !
Some of the most insane grenade combo extends in Ultimate, some destructive combos, this set is extremely entertaining.