This Week in Smash #6


Michael Richardson

Frostbite 2019 is fast-approaching, this weekend! But before then, there was plenty of great Smash Ultimate tournament play this week as well, and it’s here, in This Week in Smash!

TLOC | “Awestin” (Ness) vs PG | “ESAM” (Pikachu) @ FX Game Exchange, Ultimate Shockwave Weekly #11, Grand Finals; 2/21/19:

Insane Ness aerial jukes, explosive kill options, hard reads, and plenty of backthrows. What more could one ask for in an entertaining Grands? It’s back-throw Thursday.

Echo Fox, MVG | “MkLeo” (Wolf) vs “WaDi” (Rosalina & Luma) @ eSports Arena Wednesday Night Fights (WNF) Weekly #412, Grand Finals; 2/6/19 (Uploaded 2/12/19):

One of the best players (if not the best) from the Maryland-Virginia (MDVA) region, WaDi, tries his hand post-Genesis while still in California, at taking on the locals there with a new character for him, Rosalina. His opponent in Grands? The biggest name in Ultimate thus far: MkLeo, winner of more Ultimate majors than anyone else so far.
Put simply, on showcase here is some of the best Smash play you can watch, two high-performing players with impressive records.

“6WX” (Incineroar) vs “The Great Gonzales” (Palutena) @ Code Name: B-airs Weekly #175, Grand Finals; 2/15/19:

Well-known Sonic main in Smash 4 “6WX” goes off through nearly all (if not all) of his bracket, never dropping off Winner’s Side, with the underdog cat/wrestler Pokémon character “Incineroar.”
Often thought of as a low or bottom tier fighter, due to his somewhat poor (or, more accurately, exploitable) recovery, Incineroar is still one of the top threats in this game if he can stay on-stage.
Both players in this set are seasoned tournament regulars, and both put on a great show in this set.

Echo FOX | “MKLeo” (Wolf) Vs. “Marss” (Ike) @ Mega Smash Mondays (MSM) Weekly #176, Grand Finals; 2/15/19:

One of SoCal’s (Southern California’s) best, Marss, goes for a runback in Grand Finals against MKLeo, the current number one player in the world for Smash Ultimate.
Previously losing to Leo in the Grand Finals set of 2GGaming’s “Heart of Battle” regional, Marss is looking to rewrite history by taking this MSM right out from under MKLeo, who was on Winner’s Side going into Grands.

I hope you enjoyed these weekly highlights, and be sure to check in on DHS Press each week for more This Week in Smash!