This Week in Smash (TWiS) #2

Another week, another volley of exciting new brackets to show you the best sets from! So, with the debut issue now behind us, there’s no need for extra frills or a proper introduction; we’ll just get right into the best sets of the week!

“6WX” (Snake/Sonic) vs. “Wishes” (Chrom/Pokémon Trainer) @ “Codename: B-Airs” Weekly #169, Grand Finals; 1/4/19:

This set between “6WX” and “Wishes” starts off with a Snake vs. Chrom match, where Chrom quickly SD’s (short for “Stage Death,” SD’ing means, falling off the stage and losing a stock due to one’s own fault) due to his poor recovery (ability to recover from off-stage, vertically and/or horizontally). However, shortly after, in the same match, Wishes’ Chrom uses a technique that Smash Twitter has taken to calling “Chromicide” on 6WX’s Snake, to net him not one but two stocks in rapid succession. I could explain to you what a Chromicide is outright, but Wishes makes it all too easy to get the picture in just the first two minutes of the set, and you might just want to see it to believe it.

Liquid MVG I “Salem” (Link) vs. eU I “Samsora” (Peach) @ “Smash Conference United” Smash Ultimate Season-Opening Tournament, Losers Finals; 1/6/19:

Salem, who notably placed high in and took first place in many tournaments near the end of Smash 4’s competitive life, using arguably the most despised character in Smash 4, “Bayonetta,” faces off against Smash 4’s premiere “Peach” main, “Samsora.”
In addition to being an entertaining set between two highly-skilled competitive mainstay players, there was an underlying narrative that makes this set all the more affecting.
Salem notably made a heel out of himself very recently prior to this tournament, claiming that the dedicated competitive community for 2001’s “Smash Bros. Melee,” who undeniably laid the groundwork for all competitive Smash Bros. that came beyond Melee, weren’t real members of the Smash community. This disrespectful outburst, which he continuously defended and fanned the flames of, earned him dissent and facepalms from new and old, Melee and Ultimate players alike. Needless to say, a lot of people across the board wanted him to get knocked out of bracket in light of this; see if it happens in the nail-biter Best of 5 set above.

BONUS SET! (this issue didn’t quite come out on time, so here’s a set from the current week) “Varun” (Wii Fit/Ness) vs. “Moosh” (Simon) @ “Smash @ The Laboratory” ([email protected]) #171, Grand Finals; 1/15/19:

Varun, playing the very underrepresented character “Wii Fit Trainer,” squares off against Moosh’s precise Simon Belmont, and his arsenal of vampire hunting tools and weaponry. The Holy Water, Axe, and Cross projectiles Simon uses are wielded dangerously by Moosh, as he uses them to keep Varun’s Wii Fit at a healthy distance.Clipping Varun with a few tricky sweet-spotted (refers to landing the most lethal part of a given attack) attacks from Simon’s “Vampire Killer” whip moves, Moosh plays this set like a tutorial on good Belmont play: keeping your distance with crafty use of projectiles, and then finding and taking split-second opportunities to hit your foe with the whip’s brutal swings.

I hope you enjoyed these weekly highlights, and be sure to drop by DHS Press next week for more This Week in Smash!