5 Questions with Mariam Qureshi

Mariam Qureshi, a senior, is the founder of the SAFER club.

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5 Questions with Mariam Qureshi

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Mariam Qureshi, who is a senior, is the founder of the SAFER club at Dominion which is a new club as of the beginning of this year.

What does the SAFER club stand for?

students advocate for ending rape & sexual violence


How are you bringing awareness?

In September, I worked to put together a school-wide presentation about healthy relationships and consent. Recently, we’ve identified teachers who are willing to serve as resources for students who might be dealing with sexual and interpersonal violence. Those teachers have put a teal crab symbol on their door and signify that they are someone students can feel comfortable talking to. We’re also working with the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter to provide workshops and other resources for students at Dominion.  


How often do you guys meet?

We meet about once a month.


Can you describe a typical meeting?

For the most part, either I will speak or a representative from LAWS will give a presentation. Currently, we’re working on organizing a color run which would benefit the Women’s Shelter and allow them to continue the work they do.


By starting this club, what do you hope happens at Dominion?

I hope there’s a cultural shift at Dominion. Experiencing sexual harassment shouldn’t be the norm; I hope that SAFER is able to change that, or at least provide some resources for people who may have already sexual violence.

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