5 Questions: Maddie Beal

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5 Questions: Maddie Beal

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Maddie Beal is a junior on the Varsity Field Hockey team. Beal just recently came back from an injury and is determined to get some wins in the final games of the season.


Question: How did you get your last injury and what did you injure?

Maddie: It was during our game against Woodgrove. I slipped on the turf because it was raining, and i severely sprained my left ankle.


Question:  How did your injury affect the season for you?

Maddie: Well, I was out for almost 2 weeks. And during those 2 weeks, we played some of the hardest teams and I felt if I were to play or contribute to the team, then we may have had a better result at the end of these games, but it just stinks that I wasn’t able to play against those hard teams.


Question: What did you do to make sure that you were ready to play when you get cleared?

Maddie:  I have been doing a lot of PT [physical therapy] and exercising. Just getting ready and running on it, making sure it’s fully healthy in order for me to play again and not hurt it.


Question:  What was the hardest thing about not being able to play?

Maddie: Just having to sit on the sideline, watch my team, and know that I couldn’t do anything about what was going on in the game. Just having to watch them, really hurt.


Question: What are your hopes for the end of the season?

Maddie: Just hoping that we push through these last games and get a few wins. And during playoffs, maybe have a hot streak and go a long way. But we’ll see.

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