MLB Power Rankings: Week 2

The Mets and Pirates are red hot silencing their haters. Stanton has had multiple 5 strikeout game as the Yankees continue their struggles. So many sleeper teams have came into the season showing they are here to play. Numbers in parentheses represent how many spots each team moved from last week.

  1. (+1) Boston Red Sox (9-2)- In their last 4 games over the past week the Bo-sox have scored a combined 39 runs (9.75 per game). With lights out pitching from Chris Sale and decent pitching from the Red Sox all together, they look like the team to beat.
  2. (-1) Houston Astros (9-4)- 3-3 over their last 6, the Astros bats have not been at the same level that they were to start the season. Scoring only 1 run in 3 of the 6 games while being handed loses from San Diego and Minnesota.
  3. (+2) Chicago Cubs (6-5)- After staring 2-3, the Cubs turned around their rough start by going 4-2 in their next 6. Their bats have officially come alive as the Cubs scored 5 runs or more in 5 of their last 6 games.
  4. (-1) Washington Nationals (6-6)- After going 4-0 to start the year, the Nats dropped all three games to the Mets at home, and they lost one to the Braves. They have been held to 3 runs or less in all but one game throughout the span. Good think their pitching as still been good from their aces.
  5. (+2) Arizona Diamondbacks (9-3)- They are a force to be reckoned with. The only way to describe the D-backs. Their pitching has been at a high level as they have not given up more than 5 runs to a team since last week. They are generating enough run support to top it all off as well.
  6. (-2) New York Yankees (6-6)- KKKKKKKKK…….. So on and so forth. That is just a brief description of Stanton’s time with the Yankees. It just goes to show how valuable the long ball is to this Yankees offense. Stanton in bad form equals the Yankees in bad form.
  7. (+5) Los Angeles Angels (10-3)- Ohtani has been a man on a mission for the Angels. The entire Angels line-up has played a part in the team’s successes. Want to know something scary? Mike Trout is only batting .235.
  8. (+5) New York Mets (10-1)- They have jumped up in the rankings into the top 8. The Mets swept the Nats and Marlins in impressive fashion. With their only loss happening on the first day of the month, the Mets mean business.
  9. (-3) Los Angeles Dodgers (4-7)- The only reason they Dodgers are still in the top 10 is because their line-up is so star packed. But 16 runs given up to the A’s? Come on LA.
  10.  (-) Cleveland Indians (7-5)- 6-1 in their last 7. Even though their bats are still not heating up, they haven’t given up more than 1 run in their last 5 games. That speaks volumes to the Indians pitching staff.
  11.  (+6) Pittsburgh Pirates (9-3)- They have one of, if not the, best bats in the MLB. They have scored 5 or more runs in 6 of their last 7 games. Add the fact they have won 3 of 4 to the Cubs, that’s impressive.
  12.  (+2) Minnesota Twins (6-4)- Good bats that have scored 4 or more runs in 4 of their last 5. They have good pitching near the front of the order, but their back half they need to get in order in order to be more successful.
  13.  (+2) Toronto Blue Jays (8-5)- 4-2 in their last 6, the Blue Jays could end up being a sleeper postseason squad. They have scored 7 or more runs in 3 of their last 6 and are looking pretty good.
  14.  (-3) Colorado Rockies (6-7)- Losing 4 of their last 6 to Atlanta and San Diego… at home. Yikes Colorado. That home field advantage should lead to so many more runs, but the Rockies only scored more than 3 runs in 3 of their last 6.
  15.  (-6) Milwaukee Brewers (7-6)- 3-4 in their last 7 the Brewers showed they can only beat the bottom half teams. They lost 3 of 4 to the Cubs which is the first top tier team they have played yet.
  16.  (+2) Atlanta Braves (7-5)- Atlanta has held their own so far this season and silenced their critics. Their pitching has been very impressive has they have only given up 3 runs in 1 of their last 6. They also took 3 of 6 against a strong Nats team and Colorado team on the road.
  17.  (-1) Seattle Mariners (6-4)- 3-2 in their last five while allowing 10 runs to the Royals. Doesn’t look to good on paper. They have scored 4 or more runs in 4 of their last 5 games.
  18.  (-10) St. Louis Cardinals (5-7)- Cardinals on a bad run as they are 2-4 in their last 6. They have been held to 3 runs or less in 3 of their last 6. Every game they have lost in that run though as been close though.
  19.  (-) San Francisco Giants (5-6)- The Giants have not shown well against top caliber teams like the Dodgers and D-Backs in the past week. The Giants look like your average team. They went 2-3 against them while not showing much pop in the bats or any dominant pitching.
  20.  (+1) Oakland Athletics (5-8)- At least they are hitting. They have scored 7 or more runs scored in the 3 of their last 5 games. The down side is they have only held a team to under 4 runs once in their last 6 games.
  21.  (+3) Philadelphia Phillies (6-5)- The Phillies have turned around their rough start. They have turned 1-4 to a 6-5 by sweeping the Reds and taking 2 of 3 from Miami.
  22.  (+6) Detroit Tigers (4-8)- A sweep of the White Sox is not to go unmentioned Detroit. Well done. Too bad Cleveland swept you in four games.
  23.  (-3) Chicago White Sox (4-8)- 1-5 in their last 6 games while being swept at home by the Detroit Tigers. Come on Chicago. That’s just embarrassing.
  24.  (+3) Baltimore Orioles (5-8)- Is it not the same story every week for the Orioles? They can generate some runs, but their pitching needs to be addressed ASAP.
  25.  (-3) Texas Rangers (4-10)- It is not looking to good for the Rangers who are on a rough 4 game losing streak. They have been held to under 3 runs in their last 3 games. They do have multiple players out with injuries including Elvis Andrus and Rougned Odor.
  26.  (-3) Miami Marlins (3-9)- You know what hurts? Giving up 20 runs to the Phillies. You know what else hurts? Only scoring 1 run or less in 3 of their last 6.
  27.  (+3) San Diego Padres(4-9)- So. Much. Potential. Two impressive wins against the Rockies on the road. They also held the Astros incredible offense to 1 run twice in their 3 game series. Keep an eye out for San Diego.
  28.  (-2) Tampa Bay Rays (3-9)- People had some pretty high expectations for the Rays this season. They are generating run support against quality teams like the Red Sox, but the only pitching they have is Chris Archer. Too bad he can’t pitch all 5 days.
  29.  (-) Kansas City Royals (3-8)- The offense is just non-existent. They have been held to 2 runs or less in 4 of their last 6. It’s hard to win games that way.
  30.  (-5) Cincinnati Reds (2-10)- last but not… nevermind. Two wins in 12 games. That is just unacceptable. They have already been swept 3 times this season as well. They need to fix everything…